Meet Adriana.

My passion for fitness came from a negative space, which a lot of great success stories do! I was pregnant at 19, had my son at 20, and during that time I was “playfully” called  “fat, pig,and whale”. I was young and had a lot of negative self talk. When my son was born I thought that I would be loved and appreciated more if I was skinny and wearing make-up etc. I was completely uneducated on fitness or nutrition so I thought the answer to "get skinny" was to eat nothing and run all day. I ran for 4 hours a day, sucked on ice cubes, and drank high sugar protein drinks from my local drug store. I went from being 112lbs to 185lbs during pregnancy and back down to 103 lbs which was classified as unhealthy at my height of 5'6".

When my son was 3 months old we moved to Montreal and that’s where I hired my very first personal trainer. My trainer taught me about actually eating to fuel my body and using weights / resistance to attain my physique goals. Through this experience I gained my confidence back to the point of when my sons father wanted to move to Europe I said I wanted to move back to my home in Vancouver and create my independence.

When I moved back to Vancouver I went to personal training school (InfoFit)  where I received a free gym membership to practice my teachings. It was the general manager that registered me at the gym and he told me to apply once I graduated with my ACE Certification. I applied and I got the job! Through my job as a personal trainer at a corporate gym is where I met one of my best friends to date where he encouraged me to consider bikini competing since I was already in great shape! I was very naive at the time and was excited about a new fitness challenge - to go from being called “fat” to now prancing on stage in a bikini.. and WINNING! I won my first bikini competition and so I followed that path for many years with my highest achievement being the champion of the Arnold Classic in Ohio, the largest amateur body building show in the world! I pursued more certifications such as my diploma in sport nutrition, pre and post natal fitness, and TRX suspension training to name a few.

I absolutely loved bikini competing! I was sponsored by GAT Supplements and flown all around the states as an "expo girl" , won many model searches, and was published in fitness magazines. Although, after 6 years of competing where I would shred down for stage and gain the weight back again I damaged my metabolism, hormone health, and mindset around food. I needed to find more balance in my life, I was searching for a holistic solution. I ordered a 30 day full body detox and cellular "clean up" system from Isagenix (after much research), promising I would never tell a soul because I was on my own personal health journey. Sure enough, two weeks in to my new health routine I felt AMAZING! I then brought in the products to my personal training clients and they were getting great results as I was which gave me the confidence to bring it online to my social media and that is where I was able to explode my online coaching business!

I now have gone from working alone as a solo-preneur to leading a team of globally recognized health & beauty experts & entrepreneurs.  We are Team Good Vibes, specializing in holistic wellness, lifestyle transformations, social marketing, and direct sales. We are exclusively partnered with the science-backed 100% natural supplementation company Isagenix, and the number one leading sales company in the world, Grant Cardone Canada. Offering my health coaching clients the most integral products in the world and my business partners the education said to be more valuable than Harvard and MIT combined. 

Through serving people and assisting them reach their goals, I truly believe in the time freedom and financial abundance that network marketing can bring to someone's life as it has for mine. I never woke up and said " I want to become a professional network marketer" however combining fitness and a network marketing business model has led me on a path of absolute gratitude. Since being on this new journey of life, I have been fortunate to earn countless global awards including : #3 Leader In Action 2021 , #2 Company Recruiter 2020, Athlete Of The Year, and START 1,000 - a special group for people ages 18-35 making a 6 figure income! I've been featured in media across North America including, Fox45, ABC10, WSAZ, Medium & Authority Magazine, and many many more!

I am currently looking for like-minded, coachable, and motivated individuals to either join me on creating their own physical and / or health transformation via wellness simplified as well leaders who want to help me create the change and make an impact in our world! I hope that's YOU! 

Always in good health and much love,